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Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Our professional domestic carpet cleaning service will have those dirty / stained carpets & rugs cleaned like new at an affordable price.

Carpets are constantly collecting dust, dirt, and germs and can easily become stained and soiled with accidents from food spillages or pets.

Our trained workers are insured and use professional equipment, shampoo and stain removal chemicals and will move tables, chairs and sofas when cleaning your carpets.  (We don’t usually move TV cabinets, very heavy display cabinets, wardrobes or beds).

CVC specialise in carpet and rug cleaning using our three-stage process to give a deeper clean.  First we pre spray with the shampoo to give it time to soak in and dissolve dirt and stains.  We then brush the carpets to loosen stubborn dirt and help restore the pile.   (Please note, indentations caused by heavy furniture over the years rarely come back like new).  We then use our high vacuum steam cleaner to wash and extract the dirt from the carpets leaving them touch damp.  They usually dry within and hour or two and can be walked on immediately.

Although we are highly successful at removing stains such as tea, coffee, food, wine etc, we can not guarantee they will all come out.  Please advise if you have tried to remove the stain with chemicals such as vanish or 2001 as this affects our cleaning process.

CVC Nottingham Carpet Cleaning Process

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Carpet Cleaning Pricing Example

As an example, prices could be as follows, Lounge £35, Dinning Room £30, Hall £10, Stairs £25, Family Room £20, WC £5 = £125

Due to the job, Total price of £125 is discounted to £100. Please see prices below.

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Our Pricing

* These prices are based on standard sized rooms in a typical condition for our method of cleaning. If the carpets are heavily soiled or stained there would be an additional charge if additional work is required. Our standard method of cleaning is outlined on the home page. It is very thorough and gives excellent results.

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